Temperature Sensor for professional coffee preparatio
For a perfect espresso many factors are crucial, the brewing temperature is an essential factor for the taste of sour over PERFECT to bitter. With the Geisinger Brühgruppenthermometer you know exactly what temperature the water hits the puck. The thermometers fit E61 brewing groups / groupheads from different manufacturers.
What does the brew group thermometer do for you?
The thermometer gives you immediate feedback on the brewing temperature over the entire brewing process. When the machine is switched on, the thermometer informs you about the temperature status of the machine. You can therefore use the cooling flush in a targeted manner before the first occupancy. Due to the design, the sensor is slightly above the coffee puck, i.e. To get an exact extraction temperature you have to Subtract 2,5 - 2,8°C from the displayed value.
Faema E61 with Geisinger Thermometer

World's first thermometer to measure the brewing temperature with shot timer for the E61 group

Thermometer and shot timer for La Pavoni

Geisinger Group Head Thermometers
- unique design with polished stainless steel case
  (integrates perfectly into the design of the machine)
- very fast response time
- suitable for all E61 brew groups with revision screw