Temperature Sensor for professional coffee preparatio

Many factors are decisive for a perfect espresso, the brewing temperature and the extraction time are essential factors for the taste from sour to PERFECT to bitter. With the help of the Geisinger brewing group thermometer, you know exactly the temperature at which the water hits the puck. The thermometer fits E61 brew groups from various manufacturers.

What does the brew group thermometer do for you?

The Geisinger brewing group thermometer is the key to an espresso experience of the highest quality. With a precise brewing temperature display and accurate extraction time control, it allows you to take the taste of your espresso to a new level. Say goodbye to uncertainty - this innovative thermometer is your reliable partner for the perfect brew, every time.
Faema E61 with Geisinger Thermometer

World's first thermometer to measure the brewing temperature with shot timer for the E61 group

Thermometer and shot timer for La Pavoni

Geisinger Group Head Thermometers
- unique design with polished stainless steel case
  (integrates perfectly into the design of the machine)
- very fast response time
- suitable for all E61 brew groups with revision screw