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Tiamo Ghost professionelle Espressowaage mit Timer

The Tiamo Ghost espresso balance was specially developed for espresso preparation. The scale has 5 programs for easy handling and a waterproof housing. The Ghost Libra can be used directly underneath the portafilter of your espresso machine.

The Ghost Libra is perfect for quick measurements of the espresso load and fits perfectly under your portafilter. The built-in timer allows you to control the extraction time, and the balance is completely waterproof.

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Tiamo Ghost RT-2000

  • The Tiamo RT-2000 was created in collaboration with the experts from Acaia.
    Acaia and Timao scales are manufactured by the same manufacturer.
  • Practical: in contrast to the Acaia Lunar, two espresso cups or a whole Portafiler fit on the weighing surface without problems

  • Due to the compact dimensions, the scale fits easily on the drip switch and still absorbs up to 2 espresso cups

  • waterproof, rechargeable, very fast and accurate

  • 5 modes for comfortable weighing

    Enhance Espresso Mode -- automatically starts timing espresso shots when the first drops of espresso are detected (1g) in the cup, and stops timing once the flow is no longer detected.

    Auto Espresso Mode -- automatically times the espresso shot once the weight of a cup or shot glass is measured. The scale will auto-tare the vessel, and the timer will start immediately.

    Espresso Mode -- auto-tares when a cup or a shot glass is detected on the scale, and the timer starts automatically when 3g of espresso are detected in the cup and stop when the espresso stops flowing.

    Hand Drip Mode -- automatically tares brewing equipment and detects when water is poured into the vessel. In this mode, the timer function is manually started.

    Manual Mode -- Timer and weight functions in this mode are completely manually controlled. 


- Tiamo RT-2000 HK0520 balance

- USB charging cable

- Heat resistant spray mat

- Operation manual


Materials: aluminum, BPA-free plastic

Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 1.5 cm

Measurement: grams / second

Accuracy: 0.1g


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