Step 1

Make sure that the coffee / espresso machine has cooled down. Caution: danger of burns

Step 2

With the machine off, flush your group head to release pressure.

Step 3

temperature sensor

Unscrew the M6 screw with the provided tool (not included), please make sure to remove the gasket as well.

Step 4

Carefully remove the thermometer from the packaging.

Step 5

Make sure that the gasket is on the screw connection.

Step 6

Thermometer on grouphead

Carefully screw the thermometer into the M6 thread of the machine. Take a special open-end wrench SW10 (not included) and tighten the screw connection.

Step 7

adjust the thermometer by hand

Now you can adjust the thermometer by hand (turn the black housing by hand, maximum 180 ° to the right or left).

Step 8

Check the tightness by rinsing the brew group with a blind sieve.