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  • Temperature Sensor for E61 Group Heads
  • Temperature Sensor E61 Group Heads
  • Thermometer E61 Brewhead

E61 Group Head Thermometer / temperature sensor stainless steel

E61 Grouphead Thermometer / Espresso machine Temperature Sensor stainless steel

front color
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Geisinger - Temperature Sensor for E61 Group Heads

The stainless steel thermometer for the E61 brew group, this is screwed in place of the M6 screw and can be removed without leaving any residue.

- Housing made of polished stainless steel, optically integrated into the design of the espresso machines

- Good feel of the keys

- Waterproof from the front

- large, easy-to-read display

- Sleeve and screw connection made of stainless steel

- heat resistant seal

- Display of Celsius and Fahrenheit values

- automatic shutdown

Unfortunately, we are also affected by the delivery problems caused by Corona.

The only consolation, as soon as we can deliver again, the thermometers will also be available with a black front.

You are welcome to send us an email at, then we will notify you as soon as we can deliver again.


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